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MOHATA DRUM & DANCE TOUR TO GUINEA, WEST AFRICA with Mohamed Bangoura,  6  January to  1 st  February 2020

Planned Itinerary Week 1 – Conakry – Capital of Guinea.

Week 2 – Travel to one of the gorgeous island of the coast.

Week 3 – Return to Conakry before heading to the idyllic beaches of Belle Air.

Week 4 – Return to Conakry before heading home.


All group tuition, meals, accommodation and internal transport
are included in the price.
$3,500 early bird ($900 deposit by August 1st 

Drum & Dance: AUD $3,900 (8 hrs/day, 5 days/week for 4 weeks)
Drums will be provided for use. All instruments played during the
tour (djembes, flutes, balafons, koras, doun douns) may be purchased
and taken home by students.

Immerse yourself

Daily Programme Each day will generally comprise of 4 classes of up to 2 hours each. Two classes focussed on drumming and two on dance including a healthy balance between djembe, doundoun, dance and doundoun dance. It will be intensive and cater for the comfort range of participants.

07:00 – 08:00 Breakfast

08:30 – 10:30 Drum class

10.30 – 12:30 Dance class

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch 14:00 

16:00 Drum class 16:00 

18:00 Dance class

Evenings will be filled with laughing, jamming, performances, outings to local venues and shows. You will have the opportunity to learn drum skinning techniques and how to care for your djembe



Mohata is presented by Mohamed Bangoura (aka BK) and provides participants with the ultimate African experience, focussing on the musical and dance traditions of Guinea. The Mandinke people, having created the djembe some 7 centuries ago, are the rightful holders of this ancient tradition. In Matam, Conakry, the vibrant epicentre for music and dance training in Africa, we present an incredible opportunity to learn rhythms and dances from the highest calibre artists..

The Best Experience Ever


Your Instructors
Bangoura Ke – Djembe
Bentey Camara – Djembe (performer with Ballet Matam)
Bebe Kouyate – Dance (performer with Ballet Sourahata)
Totie Sylla – Dance (performer with Ballet Matam)
Aly Mara – Dance (performer with Les Ballet African & Ballet Matam)
More teachers to be added, each will share the story and history of the music and dance.
Griot Drum Master
Mohamed Bangoura aka “Bangoura Ke Master Drummer.
Mohamed Bangoura, was born into a Griot family in Guinea, West Africa and is considered a West African drum master, one of Guinea’s finest. Mohamed has been sharing his musical heritage, culture and West African customs by teaching drumming and dancing to students globally

BangouraKe Mohamed Bangoura
Drum Master


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